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     Donald F. Bradach School is located within the Adelanto Elementary School District, a community in Southern California, approximately 35 miles south of Barstow. Adelanto is a rural community located on the outskirts of Victorville. The city was incorporated on December 22, 1970. Adelanto has approximately twenty seven thousand residents.  The largest racial group is Hispanic, with about forty-six percent of the city’s population.  Caucasians make up about thirty-seven percent, and African Americans account for about thirteen percent.  Adelanto has a very diverse ethnic mix.      

     Adelanto is home to three correctional facilities, a minor league baseball stadium, and a town hall. Adelanto is located in San Bernardino County. Most of the schools within the district are participating in the School Wide Title 1 Program. Presently, the district consists of ten elementary schools and two middle schools.        

     Sixty-seven percent of Adelanto residents twenty-five or older have graduated from high school. The Adelanto School District has a high number of low socio-economic students as evidenced by the annual demographic information released with the STAR testing reports. In addition to having a high number of low socio-economic students, Adelanto has a fairly large population of Hispanic students, African American and students with special needs. While we have a high rate of poverty and a culturally diverse population, our students have proven that they can master the state standards as well, if not better, than their more affluent peers in neighboring districts.

      Students receive a well balanced curriculum that is aligned to the California State Content Standards for English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies and Physical Education.  State adopted textbooks are used in conjunction with research based instructional strategies to ensure that all students are given equitable access to meet the proficiency levels on the California State Content Standards.   This year we have begun an Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program in our middle school which is available to those students who have the potential to be successful in rigorous courses with instructional support.

      Our students have the opportunity to participate in tutoring in reading and math as well as after-school programs which provide opportunities for all students to explore their interests and talents in curricular areas beyond Reading, Writing, and Math.  Some of these programs are After School Education and Safety Program (ASES), Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) enrichment and an award winning sports program. We continually strive to provide our students with as much enrichment and intervention as possible. Students who cannot attend intervention outside of the instructional day are given the opportunity to participate in targeted intervention within the school day.

     Our middle school is referred to as “The Academy” and has high standards for admittance. Students must have a 3.0 GPA, good discipline and good attendance to be invited to attend.  It is open to all seventh and eighth graders in our district not just Bradach students.  Approximately sixty sixth grade students will be accepted into the academy, while the rest go to their home school Columbia Middle School or Mesa Linda Middle School. Approximately sixty eighth grade students will be promoted from Bradach directly to Silverado High School, located at 14048 Cobalt Road.


     Bradach School has a strong Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and a dedicated group of volunteers.  We have several different family nights throughout the year as well as three carnivals.  Our strong bond with our parents, students, staff, and community is what enables Donald F. Bradach school to thrive.