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Parent Volunteers

Volunteer Program

At DFB we care very much for our students and their parents. We recognize that the success of our school depends on the parent involvement we have on campus. We  love to have volunteers help out in the classroom.  There are some procedures to follow in order to become an approved volunteer.

Complete the “Volunteer Information Form”. (Available at the school sites or District Office)

  •  Must turn in current TB test results (Valid for 4 years)
  • Must have valid Identification-state or federal issued, such as driver license from any state, ID and or passport from any country.
  • Turn all required materials and your volunteer application into Ms. Lupita  in the front office.
  •  Schedule to attend  our volunteer training with Mrs. Renfrow
  • The Volunteer Application must be renewed each year.

 When training is complete Ms. Lupita  will forward all paper work to the district.  After three days please call the district at 760-246-8691. Speak to receptionist at ext “0”.  She will then check the status of your application and direct you on the next steps to getting your LIVE SCAN complete.  Please do not call the sheriff’s department, the  District Office must schedule the appointment for you.

 When we receive the Live Scan Clearance from the District Office, your name will be put on the next available District Board Meeting Agenda for   approval.

Site Council Meetings

All meetings are at 2:45pm in Room 601. Our next Site Council meeting will be in October.


Volunteer Opportunities

English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC):  Meets bi-monthly to provide input on the most effectve strategies for teaching English Language Learners.

School Site Council (SSC): Meets a minimum of three times a year. Provides input on the school site plan, the safety plan and categorical funding for the school.

Parent, Teacher Association (PTA): PTA is the heart and soul of our volunteer program. Parents who volunteer in PTA help to provide our students with positive incentives, festivals, book fairs, dances and the Santa Shop.

ELAC Meetings

Dear parents:

My name is Patricia Parada Coronado I am the President of the ELAC Committee and I would like to invite you to our meetings that are held each month in our school. These meetings are very important both for us and for our children because we can be informed of all the programs that are beneficial for them and see how we can support them in their academic development.

 We could also have different programs for parents, such as nutrition, talks of self-improvement, and many more that we can do to bring them here. So I'd like to count on your assistance to continue with these meetings which are of utmost importance for all of us.

 I hope to count on your assistance and support in our meetings.       


President of ELAC Committee

Queridos Padres:

Mi nombre es Patricia Parada Coronado soy la Presidenta del comité  ELAC y me gustaría invitarlos a las juntas que se realizan cada mes en nuestra escuela. Estas juntas son muy importantes tanto para nosotros como para nuestros hijos porque así podemos estar informados de todos los programas que son beneficiosos para ellos y ver de qué manera los podemos apoyar en su desarrollo académico.

También podríamos tener diferentes programas para los padres de familia, como nutrición, platicas de superación personal y muchos programas más que podemos hacer lo posible por traer. Por eso me gustaría contar con su asistencia para poder continuar con estas juntas que son de suma importancia para todos nosotros.

Espero contar con su asistencia y apoyo en nuestras reuniones.

PATRICIA PARADA CORONADO                                                                                                        Presidenta del Comité ELAC